1.  Join me for a Q&A Interview with world renowned gerontologist, Karl Pillemer, Ph.D., author of 30 Lessons for LivingInfo here.

2.  “Coaching from Our Future Selves.”  Have you ever dreamed of being able to go back to earlier points in your life, but with all the wisdom and experience you’ve accumulated?  I do this all the time….(See #2 below)

3.  Ben's Coaching Teleworkshop is tomorrow tonight, 4/26/12.  Valuable information you can use now.  Plus win a fellowship to our Foundations Coach Training Program.   Info here.

1. Free Coaching TeleWorkshop with Ben, 4/26/12 — Info here
2. Coaching from Our Future Selves by Ben Dean
3. Interview with Karl Pillemer, Ph.D. — 4/27/12 —
Info here
4. Foundations with Kim Kirmmse Toth —
All Info
5. Classes


1. Coaching TeleWorkshop 4/26/12 — Info Here

The Coaching TeleWorkshop with
Ben Dean, Ph.D., MCC

Practical material you can use ASAP,
and a virtual drawing for a fellowship to the Foundations Coach Training Program, and fun!

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:55 pm Eastern
All Time Zones: Click here
Tuition: No cost
To Register: click here


2. Coaching from Our Future Selves — the Work of Karl Pillemer by Ben Dean

Have you ever dreamed of being able to go back to earlier points in your life, but with all the wisdom and experience you’ve accumulated?

I do this all the time. When I want to dress it up, I say I’m
comfortable moving through possible scenarios in the past and future. But it may at times be just Walter-Mitty daydreaming.

For example:

  • Other than running the mile in track my senior year (slowly), I did not play sports in high school. But I sometimes imagine going back to my freshman year in high school where I’ve been given the gift of making 10,000 baskets without missing, from anywhere on the court. I become a can’t-miss scoring machine in high school. I'm heavily recruited and then start every year in a D-1 college basketball program. I’m simply amazing under pressure because — at least until I exhaust my 10,000 baskets—I cannot miss.  Sometimes I'm even a consensus first team All American.

  • Or imagine if I could go back in time 30 years, what would I do with investments? Put 100% in Warren Buffet’s investment fund? Put everything into AOL and then cash out as soon as they merge with Time Warner?

  • Or take all of Dan Gilbert’s and Tim Wilson’s work on Affective Forecasting back into graduate school and use it to brilliantly create…”Affective Forecasting”!

  • Or take Tony Grant’s review of the coaching literature that came out around 2000 back into my graduate school years and do the first-ever dissertation on coaching?

  • Or go tell the young Ben how to avoid some of the political problems that he ran into early in his career? 

The bottom line is this: If you could go back and mentor the young “you”, telling him or her what really matters, suggesting how to avoid problems, telling them what they’ll wish they’d done 30 years later, wouldn’t that be inordinately valuable?

It would be for me. I’d be there taking notes and recording every bit of advice.

We’ll this is available to us right now. Not advice from ourselves in the future. But advice from our wisest elders about what we should be doing now, about what really matters, about what mistakes to avoid.

This is the most recent work of the world famous gerontologist from Cornell University, Karl Pillemer. He has interviewed hundreds of our wisest older people to find out what they know about life, what advice they would give us.

And because this advice is filtered by Karl’s mastery of the field, what remains is valuable for us. And valuable for our clients.  On Friday, you can hear Karl tell us what those lessons are. And you can ask him any questions that occur to you. Please join us.  All information is here and in #3 below.


3. Interview with Karl Pillemer, Ph.D. 4/27/12 — Info Here

Participate in a Q&A Interview with the world’s leading expert on the lessons to be learned from older people.  Bring all your questions.

Friday April 27, 2012 1:00-2:20pm Eastern
12:00-1:20 pm Central (Dallas)
11:00-12:20 pm Mountain (Denver)
10:00-11:20 am Pacific (San Francisco)
All Other Time Zones are here.


Cornell Professor Karl Pillemer has spent his life in the study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging.  But it was only after a chance encounter with an extraordinary ninety-year-old woman, that he began to wonder what older people know about life that the rest of us don't.

His quest led him to interview more than one thousand Americans over the age of sixty-five to seek their counsel on all the big issues- children, marriage, money, career, aging. Their moving stories and uncompromisingly honest answers often surprised him.

And he found that he consistently heard advice that pointed to these thirty lessons for living.  He took the interviews and wove their personal recollections of difficulties overcome and lives well lived into a timeless book filled with the hard-won advice these older Americans wish someone had given them when they were young. Offering clear advice toward a more fulfilling life, 30 Lessons for Living is as useful as it is inspiring.

Karl is the Hazel E. Reed Professor of human development at Cornell University and Professor of Gerontology in Medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College. An internationally renowned gerontologist, his research examines how people develop and change throughout their lives. He has authored five books and over 100 scientific publications, and speaks throughout the world on aging-related issues.

He directs the Cornell Legacy Project which is systematically collecting data from older Americans regarding practical advice for living.  The Legacy Project involves several interrelated studies centered on the question posed to older people: "As you look back over your life, what are the most important lessons you would like to pass on to future generations?" In 30 Lessons for Living, results of these studies are presented as practical advice for people of all ages on topics such as marriage, child-rearing, work and career, avoiding regrets, and aging well.

Come hear Karl share these lessons on Friday.  Bring all your questions.  Info is here


4. Last Call: The Foundations Program with Kim Kirmmse Toth, LCSW, PCC — Info here

MCP 161 Thursdays
31 Thursdays
12:00 pm - 12:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones
Starts Thursday May 3, 2012
Kim Kirmmse Toth, LCSW, PCC
For more information, click here.

Foundations is our flagship, 31-week coach training class. And Kim is an extraordinary teacher.

Kim lives and works in Denver as a business and professional life coach.  She is also a licensed clinical social worker and an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Kim has been a senior International Trainer for Mentor Coach) since 2005, After 29 years as a therapist and after six years of combining her coaching and clinical work in a private practice, she moved full-time into coaching in 2009.  Since then her coaching business has exploded.  She is an author, speaker, workshop and Teleclass leader and radio guest.

Kim is a gifted and intuitive coach who loves to empower women to embrace all life has to offer in this 3rd stage of life. As a business coach and solo-entrepreneur she helps women build strong coaching businesses while maintaining a life of balance.

As important as having a financially thriving business is to women for their secure future, family, friendships, health and wellness must be a priority. It IS possible to for this 'non-financial' side of 'retirement' to blend with the 'fiscal responsibility' side.

Kim is one of MentorCoach’s most gifted and popular teachers, routinely receiving rave reviews and the highest student evaluations.  In fact at one of our Conferences, the largest contingent by far of Foundations graduates were from one of Kim’s classes.  They demanded that we name them most outstanding class of all time which we were proud to do.

A Conversation with Kim Kirmmse Toth, LCSW, PCC
Hear Kim talk about coaching, her love of teaching Foundations, the
development of a coaching business, her fascination with social media, and more.  (23 minutes.) Just click here.  Or download mp3 here


5. Classes

MCP 160 Tuesdays
31 Tuesdays
8:00 pm - 8:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones
Starts Tuesday March 27, 2012
Full: Registration Closed

Jan Hill, Ph.D.
For infoclick here.

MCP 161 Thursdays
31 Thursdays
12:00 pm - 12:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones 
Starts Thursday April 26, 2012

Kim Kirmmse Toth, LCSW, PCC
For info, click here.

MCP 162 Thursdays
31 Thursdays
8:00 pm - 8:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones span style="color: black;">
Starts Thursday May 24, 2012

Pat Walker, Ph.D.
For info, click here.

All Foundations Classes Are Identical.


Upcoming Master Classes Open to All

Ethics & Risk Management

Eric Harris, JD, Ph.D.

Tuesday 6pm
Starts 4/10/12

Mastering the Motivational Mindsets: Secrets of Goal Attainment

Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D.

Wednesday 1pm
Starts 4/11/12

Appreciative Inquiry Coaching

Bob Siegfried, Ph.D.

Thursday 11am
Starts 4/19/12

Intensive Individual Coaching Skills

Anne Durand, MCC

Monday 5pm
Starts 4/23/12

Blue Sky Visioning

Ben Dean, Ph.D., MCC

Anne Durand, MCC





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