MentorCoach™ One-Day Workshops

"Coaching and the New Science of Happiness"
with Ben Dean, Ph.D., MCC

This groundbreaking workshop can help you build a deeply meaningful coaching practice that matters. A practice that matters because it can help your clients—and yourself—learn to lead lives that are happier, more aligned with your most important values, and more deeply satisfying.

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Build a 21st century coaching practice based on cutting edge research

Based on the pioneering work of leading researchers in Positive Psychology, attendees will learn:

  • Why happiness matters
  • Its correlation with better health, a much longer life, closer friendships, being smarter, more creative, productive, etc.
  • Why happiness is so elusive
  • Why we mispredict what will bring us happiness
  • Documented exercises to increase happiness
  • Practical strategies that nurture it
  • Exciting new research on ways to increase deep life satisfaction

Transition into a coaching practice that is rewarding and fun

Based on Ben's 24 years of coaching, attendees will also learn:

  • Why Ben passionately believes the science of happiness must be integrated into every coach's practice
  • An overview of individual and group coaching skills
  • A new approach to marketing that is effective, unique to MentorCoach and that participants love
  • How to coach within organizations or by phone from anywhere
  • Ethics and risk management
  • How to dramatically reduce the financial risk of building a coaching practice
  • Ways to build a coaching practice that increases happiness, meaning and life satisfaction for your clients and for yourself

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