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Coaching Toward Happiness is a free monthly email newsletter. As a subscriber, you'll receive each month (or a little more often) a succinct article devoted to practical strategies for integrating Positive Psychology into your own life and into the lives of others.

In addition, we'll have periodic interviews--both in print and by teleconference--with leading scholars sharing the personal impact of their work on their lives. What have they learned? What strategies do they personally use? What areas do they still neglect? And we'll talk to leading practitioners about the impact that Positive Psychology has had on their work. We'll particularly look for those who have found it to have had a transformative impact.

We'll focus on areas that have been relatively neglected in our newsletter to date, for example, practical strategies for increasing perhaps the most powerful predictor of happiness--social support, as well as the role of values, the impact of physical health and exercise on happiness, and affective forecasting.

And while we're fascinated by relevant research, we'll never forget the importance of sharing practical, nuts-and-bolts strategies for enhancing happiness and meaning in your life, work, and in the lives of your clients and students.

And, yes, in response to many kind requests, we'll continue our series condensing the remaining 24 Character Strengths into succinct essays. We'll share resources and any breaking news we learn. And all of Ben's past AHC newsletter issues will be archived on our site.

In the years to come, our goal at Coaching Toward Happiness will be to speed you on your way on the path of integrating Positive Psychology in your own life and work and in the lives of those whom you would help, and in the process, to make the journey rewarding and fun as well.



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