Testimonials from Ben's Interview with Seth Godin

Fantastic stuff. Gave us the freedom to be different and the counterintuitive notion that practice doesn't always make for perfect coaches. Loved his contrast with Gladwell. And loved the practical advice about building a religion or rock band, using blogs etc.

Outstanding session with Seth Godin! Great questions…and great answers. Well worth the time. I've forwarded my notes to colleagues and encouraged them to sign up for the encore presentation.

That was an amazing interview with Seth Godin. I was really struck by what he said and I have since joined his blog list.

WOW What a great call today. I just finished my order at Amazon....... a slew of Seth's books for my adult children. Thank you, Ben, for the wonderful opportunities you offer to keep me excited about my world and my profession!

thank you so much from across the oceans - this Q&A has been such a gift! reading seth's books is already quite an inspiration. "listening" to what he says... the integrity, humbleness & wisdom in his words touched core. put the brightest smile on my face. .....gentle gratefulness & wildly dancing snowflakes from good old Germany,

Thank's for a great call! I was quite taken by the Seth's matter-of-fact, truth on the table-approach. Painful to listen to, but felt nice and refreshing afterwards, like swimming in really cold water. Your question about introverts was very relevant to me. Being introvert my self I've hesitated to publish my strong opinions about where we're going and what to do about it on the internet. I realize I have to be bold, brave and take risks. NOW!

The interview with Seth Godin was a delight. I found him to be candid, authentic, reflective, and self reflective...... I have subscribed to his blog, ordered his new book, and forwarded your e-mails to a bunch of colleagues and friends. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Thank you both so much for giving us a generous and authentically honest and enlightening interview. I enjoyed it immensely, especially because I felt you both were true to your unique feelings and perspectives.

My grade: an A+. I know that he wasn't going where you may have wanted him to go, but he told the coaches and others what they needed to know as relates to the internet, marketing, etc. I taught information systems at the university level for twenty years. I know what is happening as relates to the Web, etc. He is right on.

He reiterated my belief in--- Dare to be different---and to think outside the box...not being a conformer...not feeling safe all the time....I did this once...I took on the establishment...it was great.....thanks so much for this ..

I have not heard a single interview of yours that I didn't like and learn from.
Today's interview with Seth was no exception. He makes marketing sound so doable giving some really valuable ways to get it done.

Not only was this one of most provocative 90 mins I've spent on a teleclass all year, it was incredibly timely as well. 30 mins after the call ended I was on stage delivering a talk to a room full of coaches, and in the moment I shared a couple ideas I'd heard just minutes before - this stirred the pot nicely

My biggest takeaway: a reminder that failure is a part of the process. I've been on the fence about taking a big, bold step in the repositioning of my business next year, and have held back a bit out of fear of 'not getting it right.' Seth, you reminded me that if I wait to get it perfect, I'll never do anything. Ready, Fire, aim, tweak, fire, aim again, etc. Thanks for filling my bucket with a great deal of inspiration and some great questions.

After listening to Seth Godin, it is even more evident to me why he has the following he has. He is such a brilliant out of the box thinker, combing all his accumulated knowledge and making it available to a larger audience. His perspective is broad, collective, creative and humanistic. How much better can it get, unless you do want to be "an innocent bystander"?

I enjoyed the interview with Seth Godin very much, thanks! His name was new to me and it was fun to look at the blog and hear his views. I'm going to investigate hoopla and skidoo. My husband and I had a great talk about the interview and success, at lunch.

This was one of the most rewarding hours I have spent in a very long time! What a bright, articulate, open-minded individual with advice that makes complete sense! I can not wait to read more of his books and articles. I have already subscribed to his blog. A few of my favorite lines, still resonating in my brain: "What can you do by next week that people will criticize?" I think that I have lived most of my life fearing disapproval. Of COURSE that gets in the way! Another:"Have a cocktail party on-line!...Is your work worth talking about?" I have no trouble talking about my ideas, so now I just need to think about how to write them down. And his final words were perfect for where I am right now: "DO SOMETHING THAT MATTERS!"

hank you so much for offering this remarkable, important interview
The positiveness of Seth's message was so uplifting. His discussion of how failure is the road to success and that failure is a great teacher, that we need to go beyond the typical message that our society sends us about failing and become a success because of it, not in spite of it was very motivating. I also found that his discussion about doing it yourself and having a small staff that can do a lot because of the business and routine of it, was another positive. His blogging techniques were helpful also.

I have heard Seth before and have an unusual amount of info about his topic (for a therapist) and I still loved the call. He is really smart and very real. I was reminded that I want to try and fail multiple times- had forgetten the opportunity in that! I got to thinking about getting back to my writing and blogging without expecting instant success. And, talked to a friend who shared that my writing inspires her and she wants me to keep at it. Things are a bit scary in my practice, some days and I am really wanting a miracle. In the meantime, I can keep writing about what I know and share my excitement and unique pespectives. Thanks for hosting the call. I got up early just to catch you here in CA.

A fantastic interview. And how liberating the interview was.....Seth is wise and
real and makes things seem possible because of those traits. Thanks for doing such a great interview. I consider this interview a holiday treat from MentorCoach!

Thank you for arranging this interview. Seth Godin demonstrated clearly why folks listen to him. He rephrased and reframed questions to get at points he felt were essential to share. He regularly used examples to demonstrate his worldview towards many of the topics discussed. And he had a good sense of humour which kept popping up. The element that stayed with me is that each of us needs to find something that really matters and something that takes us forward. And his view on how useful failures are is really important...I will use his "If you set out to not fail, you're doomed" comment in future. Very worthwhile session.

Seth is always awesome, and I appreciate that he answers the questions in a way that he feels will bring the most value, not always the way asked. I'm following a similar path of being about the ideas more than the money. I could really relate to the passion for finding those who are going out and doing the good work needed. After ten years of doing just what he talks about, and building my work authentic encounter by authentic encounter, I feel like I got a nice pat on the back. Thanks for that.

Loved this call. Didn't know what to expect. Honestly didn't know anything about Seth. But I sure do now. As someone who is out in the world of ideas (as OD practitioner at Intel) and seeking to get people to think about things I want them to think about, this was a gem

Really enjoyed the interview with Seth. Great insight and a very inspirational, easy-going style. I like his advice and his approach. Thanks for making it possible!
I listen to a lot (A LOT) of interviews, including a significant proportion of your interviews with notable people with valuable things to share, but I'd like to say here that this morning's interview with Seth was one of the most inspiring I plan to listen to this morning's interview again when you rebroadcast it next week and I have raved to several friends about it, some of whom have expressed interest in listening also.

Among all the questions asked that Seth responded to, I'd like to single out one question from the reams of notes I frantically scribbled that was very meaningful to me: specifically, the question a caller emailed in about the issue of being an introvert and how to successfully deal with that issue/(problem?) within the context of masterminding and creating something of great value. I loved Seth's answer, though as an introvert myself, I felt he set the bar uncomfortably high for me. But his point is well taken and I'm encouraged to "get over myself" and more actively engage with life. There were so many profound questions asked and answers given during this morning's interview that I could go on at length, but rather will end here and thank you for arranging this interview.

This seminar was one of the best yet. I thought that personally emailing 100 friends for their opinion on setting up a blog, on my website, is a stroke of genius. Why didn't I think of that??? It's time to give it a try!

Absolutely terrific. A great view of the internet and wonderful advice on how to build a long term business by persistently, resiliently, courageously, and authentically being yourself and speaking your mind. A real strengths based perspective (as is Seth's story of making his choices to stick with his strengths). I particularly found the point that the decision, from Seth's perspective, is key to success. This message resonated very strongly with me and reinforces my own current path.

I thought the interview with Seth was great. I have heard Seth on several occasions and what I always like is his honesty and forthrightness. He puts his thoughts and ideas out there without worrying about political correctness. Today was no exception. Thanks for expanding your scope of guests.

Awesome interview. I'm picking up my dormant blog with renewed passion. I don't need to write the book first … it hasn't worked for me to think that I should.

I got up early after a late night to hear him and I am sure glad I did. He accomplished his goal of being the "generator of ideas". He reinforce or reminded me of some things-like building your list from your inner circle out, the value of feedback from failures and how it helps to keep a low overheard. I appreciated his generosity of spirit always circling back to the intention of being a positive influence on the world. I especially love the idea of generating thinking and how cyberspace is changing that on an evolutionary level.

I wonder if Tiger was on the call. A few hours after the call, Tiger announced his indefinite leave from golf! Overall, I found the interview very stimulating.










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