1.  Join me for a Q&A Interview with organizational leadership coach, consultant, and author, Peter Bregman on Friday 5/25/12 at 1:00 pm ET.  Info here.

2.  See Bregman's essay below on "An 18-Minute Plan for Managing Your Day."

3.  Join Ben's Coaching TeleWorkshop Thursday, 5/24/12.  Valuable information.  Plus win a fellowship to our Foundations Coach Training Program.   Info here.


1. Coaching TeleWorkshop with Ben, 5/24/12 — Info here
2. Peter Bregman Interview 5/25/12 — Info here
3. MAIN: "An 18-Minute Plan for Managing Your Day" by Peter Bregman

4. *NEW* The Art of Meditation Master Class starts 6/5/12
Info here
5. Classes


1. Coaching TeleWorkshop 5/24/12 — Info Here

The Coaching TeleWorkshop with
Ben Dean, Ph.D., MCC

Practical material you can use ASAP,
and a virtual drawing for a fellowship to the Foundations Coach Training Program, and fun!

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:55 pm Eastern
All Time Zones: Click here
Tuition: No cost
To Register: click here


2. Peter Bregman Interview 5/25/12 — Info Here

You may remember from 2010 "our wonderful interview" with best-selling author, Dan Pink.  Here’s what Dan says:

"18 Minutes is an intensely smart, insanely readable, and eminently practical guide to boosting our effectiveness and deepening our satisfaction."
~ Dan Pink, author of Drive


Participate in our Q&A Interview with prizewinning author and organizational leadership coach, Peter Bregman, MBA. Bring all your questions.

DATE: Friday May 25, 2012
TIME: 1:00-2:20pm Eastern (New York)
12:00-1:20 pm Central (Dallas)
11:00-12:20 pm Mountain (Denver)
10:00-11:20 am Pacific (San Francisco)
All Other Time Zones are here.

WHY YOU SHOULD COME:  Peter is an exceptionally good writer.  His books are so well written, filled with plausible, useful ideas.  If you have clients who would love to be dramatically more productive or if that describes you (as it does me), you should come to this call.

Peter has built an extremely successful organizational coaching business and a successful international speaking and writing career.  Come find out how he does it.  Bring your most practical questions.

Peter Bregman is the CEO of Bregman Partners, Inc., a global management consulting firm which advises CEOs and their leadership teams. He speaks, writes, and consults about how to lead and how to live.

Peter is the author of five books.  His latest is 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done, winner of the Gold Medal from the Axiom Business Book awards, named the best business book of the year on NPR, and selected by Publisher's Weekly and the New York Post as a top 10 business book of the year.  MORE.


3. An 18-Minute Plan for Managing your Day — By Peter Bregman

Yesterday started with the best of intentions. I walked into my office in the morning with a vague sense of what I wanted to accomplish. Then I sat down, turned on my computer, and checked my email. Two hours later, after fighting several fires, solving other people's problems, and dealing with whatever happened to be thrown at me through my computer and phone, I could hardly remember what I had set out to accomplish when I first turned on my computer. I'd been ambushed. And I know better.

When I teach time management, I always start with the same question: How many of you have too much time and not enough to do in it? In ten years, no one has ever raised a hand.

That means we start every day knowing we're not going to get it all done. So how we spend our time is a key strategic decision. That's why it's a good idea to create a to do list and an ignore list. The hardest attention to focus is our own.

But even with those lists, the challenge, as always, is execution. How can you stick to a plan when so many things threaten to derail it? How can you focus on a few important things when so many things require your attention?

We need a trick.

Jack LaLanne, the fitness guru, knows all about tricks; he's famous for handcuffing himself and then swimming a mile or more while towing large boats filled with people. But he's more than just a showman. He invented several exercise machines including the ones with pulleys and weight selectors in health clubs throughout the world. And his show, The Jack LaLanne Show, was the longest running television fitness program, on the air for 34 years.

But none of that is what impresses me. He has one trick that I believe is his real secret power.


At the age of 94, he still spends the first two hours of his day exercising. Ninety minutes lifting weights and 30 minutes swimming or walking. Every morning. He needs to do so to achieve his goals: on his 95th birthday he plans to swim from the coast of California to Santa Catalina Island, a distance of 20 miles. Also, as he is fond of saying, "I cannot afford to die. It will ruin my image."
So he works, consistently and deliberately, toward his goals. He does the same things day in and day out. He cares about his fitness and he's built it into his schedule.

Managing our time needs to become a ritual too. Not simply a list or a vague sense of our priorities. That's not consistent or deliberate. It needs to be an ongoing process we follow no matter what to keep us focused on our priorities throughout the day.

I think we can do it in three steps that take less than 18 minutes over an eight-hour workday.

STEP 1 (5 Minutes) Set Plan for Day. Before turning on your computer, sit down with a blank piece of paper and decide what will make this day highly successful. What can you realistically accomplish that will further your goals and allow you to leave at the end of the day feeling like you've been productive and successful? Write those things down.

Now, most importantly, take your calendar and schedule those things into time slots, placing the hardest and most important items at the beginning of the day. And by the beginning of the day I mean, if possible, before even checking your email. If your entire list does not fit into your calendar, reprioritize your list. There is tremendous power in deciding when and where you are going to do something.

In their book The Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz describe a study in which a group of women agreed to do a breast self-exam during a period of 30 days. 100% of those who said where and when they were going to do it completed the exam. Only 53% of the others did.

In another study, drug addicts in withdrawal (can you find a more stressed-out population?) agreed to write an essay before 5 p.m. on a certain day. 80% of those who said when and where they would write the essay completed it. None of the others did.

If you want to get something done, decide when and where you're going to do it. Otherwise, take it off your list.

STEP 2 (1 minute every hour) Refocus. Set your watch, phone, or computer to ring every hour. When it rings, take a deep breath, look at your list and ask yourself if you spent your last hour productively. Then look at your calendar and deliberately recommit to how you are going to use the next hour. Manage your day hour by hour. Don't let the hours manage you.

STEP 3 (5 minutes) Review. Shut off your computer and review your day. What worked? Where did you focus? Where did you get distracted? What did you learn that will help you be more productive tomorrow?

The power of rituals is their predictability. You do the same thing in the same way over and over again. And so the outcome of a ritual is predictable too. If you choose your focus deliberately and wisely and consistently remind yourself of that focus, you will stay focused. It's simple.

This particular ritual may not help you swim the English Channel while towing a cruise ship with your hands tied together. But it may just help you leave the office feeling productive and successful.

And, at the end of the day, isn't that a higher priority?

(Reprinted from the Harvard Business Review Blog Network -- July 20, 2009)


4. *NEW* The Art of Meditation Master Class — Starts 6/5/12 — Info here

The Art of Meditation Ann-Marie McKelvey, MCC

Meditation is associated with between 70 and 100 health benefits.  There is no more reliable coaching or positive psychology intervention than meditation.  You would be remiss if you did not have the skill to inspire and enable your clients to use it.  Yet the paradox is that unless you, yourself, meditate, you almost certainly will be unable to effectively and credibly persuade others to do it.

The Art of Meditation Master Class
DAY: 8 Tuesdays
TIME: 11:30 am - 12:30 am Eastern (New York)
STARTS: June 5, 2012   Ends: July 24, 2012
All Time Zones - click here
Faculty: Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC
For Info, click here


When Ann-Marie was 17 her father, after training in Transcendental Meditation himself, gave her the enduring gift of learning TM. Over the years she has studied various forms of meditation via teachers from both Eastern and Western cultures. She has been a meditation teacher since 1975. Although Ann-Marie can't imagine a life without sitting daily on her cushion, she is also well versed in the challenges of making meditation into a verb. She is also intimately familiar with the inner critic who regularly wants to trump meditation with the all important To Do List. Why does she continue to meditate? Because, bottom-line, her life becomes more spacious, loving, and filled with ease even in the midst of chaos!

Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC, Wellness Coach, Buddhist Chaplain and Psychotherapist completed Upaya Zen Center's two-year Chaplaincy Program in 2010 where she specifically focused on peacemaking, environmental studies, care of the care-giver and wellness. Her teachers during the program included Joan Halifax, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Mattieu Ricard, Richie Davidson, Joanna Macy, Jim Austin, Lynne Twist, Bernie Glassman, B. Allan Wallace, Dan Seigel, Stephen Batchelor, Sharon Salzberg, Norm Fischer as well as many members of the MindLife Institute founded by HH Dahlai Lama.

For All Information, click here.


5. Classes

Foundations Coach Training Program

MCP 162 Thursdays
31 Thursdays
8:00 pm - 8:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones 
Starts Thursday May 24, 2012

Pat Walker, Ph.D.

A Conversation with Pat Hinton Walker, Ph.D.
t Walker, Ph.D. talks about life as a university Vice President, her international coaching practice and teaching the Foundations Coach Training Program. (21 mins.) Just click here

MCP 163 Wednesdays
31 Wednesdays
1:00 pm - 1:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones
Starts Wednesday June 27, 2012

Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC

For info, click here.

MCP 164 Wednesdays
31 Wednesdays
8:00 pm - 8:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones
Starts Wednesday July 25, 2012

Kevin Handley, Ph.D.

For info, click here.

All Foundations Classes Are Identical.


Master Classes Open to All


Art Of Meditation Master Class

Ann-Marie McKelvey,

Tuesday 11:30am Starts 

Blue Sky Visioning
Master Class

Ben Dean, Ph.D., MCC

Anne Durand, MCC


Mastering Wellness Coaching: Healthy Lifestyles

Darlene Trandel, Ph.D., PCC

Monday 1pm
Starts 9/10/12

Becoming A Wellness Coach: Living and Coaching the Good Life - Part I

Ann-Marie McKelvey, MCC

12 pm 
Starts 9/11/12

Coaching Assessments
Master Class

Anne Durand, MCC

Jul Marie Hermosisima

Monday Noon




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